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All about aSuiteStay

  • As an aSuiteStay Guest you will:

    • A convenient way to book all your travel needs, instead of waiting until you arrive
    • Immerse yourself in our local communities in accommodation that matches your needs
    • Get the best long-term stay rates on Accommodation
    • Work with your home office to plan your upcoming trip
    • Help local merchants by supporting our social micro-finance partners on the field
  • Why Book with aSuiteStay?

    • We require extra verification to make sure you are safe
    • Our local team members know every city you want to visit inside and out
    • Our partners make your international and domestic travel easy to book
    • You get access to additional local services and activities online
    • We are here 24 hours a day, 7 Days a week

Rent Your Place

  • Img12 Register & Get Verified by aSuiteStay
  • Img13 Manage Your availability using our easy-to-use calendar
  • Img14 aSuiteStay handles all your booking matters, Earn Extra Income
  • Img15 Get Registered
Why use aSuiteStay?
  • Img16 Occupancy Don’t ever experience downtime again on your rental property
  • Img17 Exposure Unlike local agents, our service gives you access to 50+ million travelers to Africa each year
  • Img18 Service Our additional services make it easy for you to be anywhere and rent your place
  • Img19 Make Money Shorter term rentals allow you to make higher returns
  • Img20 Security We verify both you and your guests.
  • Img21 Save Money You don’t have to spend on advertising your property as long as you are listed with us.
  • Img22 No Hidden Costs Let us know your nightly rate, and we make it all happen
  • Img23 Control Decide at anytime to change availability
  • Img24 No Worries We are here for you 24/7

aSuiteStay is improving your experience by giving you the ability to book your entire trip on aSuiteStay.com.

Stay tuned for an enhanced experience. For assistance with booking please contact our support team.